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what cheap video card

i am building a system for a friend he not a gamer i am looking 4 a cheap video card i was thinking a MSI MX440-T GeForce4 MX440 64mb DDR AGP Video Card w/VGA & S-video output it what i put in my sisters cheap system but i don't want this system to look cheap will a Elsa Falcon 920SE Radeon9200SE 128mb AGP DDR video card or a Albatron FX5200EP GeForceFX5200 128mb 64bit AGP8x Video card, w/TV & DVI out.
be better
i think a 5200 fx is like a better card in the system only have like $120 australian to play with unless i drop the CPU down only got $1600 and i want to make at lest 150 on it
P4 3.0 800mhz fsb
Geil PC 3200 DDR ram 1gig dual channel
MB Abit IC7 MAX 3 i love this board
120 gig Sata 80 gig ATA
Logitech Z5300
Housed in Thermaltake Xaser III 2000A
550 watt Antec True Control
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