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Promise sata driver + driver page down?

It's a real bummer (can I say that), I'm stuck here after reinstalling my system.. I have to store a lot of files.. which I don't yet want to trust to a raid configuration. and anyway with 3x160gbs satas I can afford to have 1 act as general storage and dump my pagefile on it.. I think..
Problem is I can't find a PROMISE 20378 SATA driver I find referense to there not being one.. but I'm trying not to belive it.
also GIZMO's 64bit file page seems to be down? (it's nearly 4am.. yeah, yeah, been told it before :P)... and the promises site seems so slow as to be unusable??
Also I have my drives set up 2 on the via chipet, and 1 on the promise, the promise, I've partitioned 50/50 winxp/win64.. using the other 2 satas to share files. I'm wondering would I gain much having the OS on one side of the via chipset and the pagefile drive on the other?
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