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ge cube 9600 pro crashing

My local wholesaler had a special the other day on 9600pros with vivo so i grabbed one, but now i'm having trouble with it crashing.
my pc is an athlon 3200 on an nforce 2 epox board, I normally run a triplex 9600pro with no problems.
when i installed the new card it crashed straight away and vpu recover had to reset itself for me to carry on.
I reinstalled the drivers, trying first the ones that came with the unit and then some new ones i downloaded off the net, but with both the card kept crashing, sometimes vpu ercover was able to recover it but sometimes it was ending up with the monitor unable to show the frequency being produced.

the only way i could get it to run trouble free was to boot in safe mode and remove all my ati drivers and restart and have windows auto detect and install the drivers it had, which are stunting the performance of the card badly.

does anyone have any ideas what might be wrong?
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