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Smile The New Team45 Badge!

This is your chance to have a picture in your signature, showing people how you use your clock cycles!! The badge is even updated daily, so it'll alway show the latest stats!

It looks like this:

Who can use this badge?
Anyone who is an active member of the AOA Folding@home2 team. Are you not a member? Go here

Do I HAVE to wear this badge?
Absolutely not, this is up to you. On the other hand, why hide your contributions to mankind?

OK, how do I add the picture to my signature?
It's best to read these instructions first before trying it out. You'll need to know what your F@H username is, so make a note of it if you don't already know. For the example above, the F@H username is 'you_know_it_makes_sense'.

Next, click here to edit your signature

If you have the old Team45 F@H logo, you will want to delete it first. Once you're ready, add the following line, but remember to change the "PUT_YOUR_ID_HERE" so that it is your F@H username!
PHP Code:
For the example at the top of this post it would look like:
PHP Code:

Thats it! Go do it NOW, and FOLD ON!

Sorry about the interesting colours - they're not intended!
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