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Áedán, awesome! Cheers for installing this.

I think you may want to increase the allowed number of colours ever so slightly though.. (it's an option at the top of the script). The 50,000 badge is looking a very odd shade of blue and some of the bubbles look a little funny. Increasing it to 64 colours shouldn't add more than 250 bytes to the image sizes. Also can you check if there's an issue with the 2500-4999 lizard image?

SteveI: can you elaborate more? I was thinking of making some more awards and images to go on above and beyond 50,000 (I just ran out of lizards at the time), I realise that having 50,000 next to your amazing 300,000+ must be a little annoying.

Admins: Let me know what kind of loads you are seeing generated by the script.

All others: Enjoy the sig. If you have any ideas for improvements then let me know. If you want the script for yourself then
AOA Team fah
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