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Originally Posted by Chilliwilli
I think you may want to increase the allowed number of colours ever so slightly though.. (it's an option at the top of the script). The 50,000 badge is looking a very odd shade of blue and some of the bubbles look a little funny. Increasing it to 64 colours shouldn't add more than 250 bytes to the image sizes. Also can you check if there's an issue with the 2500-4999 lizard image?
The script is already at 64 colours. Bringing it up to 128 colours involves a 25% size increase. The issue with the 2500-4999 image is because it wasn't included in the archive (sigsalamander.png) - if you can let me have it, I'll put it in place. Also, you might want to update the documentation slightly, so that your suggested column names match the settings in the script (workunits).
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