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I have this great card as well, running at 365/300. I take it you have the Infineon 3.3ns memory on your card, and unfourtenately it won´t go mutch higher. The core should however have a bit more to give. I doubt that you will gain mutch by upping the AGP voltage higher - the port is likely to become instable without giving any better overclocks. You should however double-check that the cooler is perfectly seated, and also see how the temps in your case are. I myself run a Zahlmman ZM80 with a 92mm fan attached to it. If I run the fan full speed I can get to about 395Mhz on the core, but any higher seems to be out of the question. Having a fairly quiet computer I usually run the fan mutch lower.
The memory is more problematic - I have the Infineon kind, and cannot get it stably over 300MHz. 303 is still ok, but looping the Nature test from 3Dmark 2k1 gives artifacts after a couple of runs. I did attach some heatsinks to it, but it makes a very small difference (3-4MHz). This memory gets very hot.
Anyhow the difference between 340 and 380 MHz on the core is fairly small - but there is of course allways the feeling that it isn´t really giving all it´s got...
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