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I haven't actually checked what ram I have, I just stuck some ram sticks on it and then couldn't get them off to see! he he! If infineon memory won;t go much above 300 then it might not be what I have as I can get mine close to 320. I seem to remember someone saying it has samsung, what rating it is I have no idea.
I've put the voltage up to 1.7 with no bad effects and I'll eek it out a bit and see what I get.
Epox 8rda6+pro
Athlon XP 2600-m @ 2530MHZ @ 35'c
(1.8v 220X11.5)
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6800GT 431/1100
LG 8x dvd rw (-+&RAM)

L30 + L20
DD Maze 4 chipset
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Thermochill 120.2
1/2 ID
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