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Originally Posted by warp1
Read a review on Suse 9.1 on Arstechnica, seems pretty solid system and good for a new guy like me. Was planning on getting the personal edition though.

I guess my main question is personal vs professional. I kind of want personal to play with that "live CD" they offer but eventually want to set up a web server and maybe some other networking stuff. Most of that is covered by professional. I'm pretty sure I can add Apache anytime I want, can I add the other stuff as well via packages? If so, whats the benefit of professional other than the superb documentation?
If you haven't picked up your copy yet, I would HIGHLY recommend the pro version. One if your fairloy new to linux the books alone are worth the price. Two there some programs that come with the pro version that I feel ar needed like gcc. You CAN download them, but even at 768 dsl your talking awhile..
I have both pro versions of 9.0 (deskyop) and 9.1 (laptop). If I can help just let me know.. Not to advertise but if you go on Suse's website there are a whole bunch of listserve groups that I find absolutly important..
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