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I must say that I'm a PROUD owner of a dual-boot machine and currently posting from LINUX. Successfully loaded Suse 9.1, and it works great! Really like the messenger (Kpete) because it shows all my messenger clients at once (YIM and MSN) pretty darn cool. Oh, and of course it's folding

Time to Paws: What do you use for anti-virus? I got the firewall configured but not sure about anti virus.

XP2500+ @ 12.5*200(2.5Ghz), 1.95V, 12 degrees C while folding, ABIT NF7S ver 2.0, custom chilled water cooling with DangerDen Maze3, 512M PC3200 OC System RAM 6-3-3-2, Thermaltake 420W power supply, ASUS GF4 ti4200 (290/499), windows2k SP4
AOA Team fah

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