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Originally Posted by surlyjoe
I am kinda disapointed with Debian 10, its seems awful bloated
Is the new Suse lookin fat too? I guess I will just havta try it..

seems like run from CD distro's are gunning for the svelt OS catagory with hard drive installs now, while the main distros go the way of the window choking down worstations for simple tasks
Debian 10??? I know Mandrake released a version 10, but Debian I thought were still in the 3.xx range

If you mean Mandrake 10, then yes, the bloat's been there since version 9.1 and getting progressively worse. In large part this is due to the latest versions of KDE and Gnome, which are inflating like an unbacked currency, but Mandrake has always felt a little slow compared to the rest...
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