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first...overclock your card and make sure that it can handle 412 @ the core & 365 mem...try ati tool to find out.
i did a search on google and found a bios that matched my ram (hynix 410A) and made sure to back up my original bios using a program called flashrom.

if you do a search on the sublect af changing to xt from pro on google, you'll find a site:

that will link you to bioses and the flashing prog.

i did some benches myself, and i set my pro to xt speeds and ran still performed lower than it did with the xt flash, WITH HIGHER RAM SPEEDS THAN XT.
There was a VISIBLE difference....and no artifacts. did not help me get high gpu or mem speed on overclocking.
but as i understand it, it enables a pixel shader or something that the XT has and the pro does not.
i have not put any ramsinks on, just AS5 and and iceberq heatsink/fan. i can't find ramsinks anywhere in town here..gonna have to make my own.
you don't have access to the ATI overdrive, or the tempsensor, but i'm sure there is a way to read that sensor somehow. when i find out i'll post how.
i bought 2 other 9800 pro's in the same box and one in a different box, both by ati. on the box that contained the R360 there was a line on the back of the box that basically said it was a new processor "Advanced stability meets revolutionary features in the RADEON 9800 PRO, the only 8-pipeline graphics solution in it's second generation." Second generation? uh..was the 9800 not originally the R350? so second generation means what? The board is still the ok, might be that...but i think they were hinting at the new processor on the board!
BTW..sapphire 9800 pro 256mb's are on the XT boards.....SO THEY ARE XT'S WITH A BIOS FLASH TO DISABLE THE XT FEATURES! THIS MEANS PAYING 100 EXTRA FOR 128MB OF RAM THAT NO GAME USES IS WORTH IT! *the 256mb gets used if you use 2 displays, AFAIK.
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