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Cool GF3 vTi500 lock ups

GF3 Ti500 64mb @ 275 gpu core 500 memory
kt133 based chipset with XP-TMC adapter
Athlon xp-m 2600 @ 110fsb x 20 = 2200mhz
384mb PC133 SDRam @ 133mhz

I am having problems with running 3dmark2001 and battlefield 1942.

In bf1942 every couple of minutes or so the game will freeze for a few (5 to 10) seconds and then carry on. With taskmangr running, the CPU seems to be running at 100% during the lockup.
It does not matter if the cpu oc'd at 2200mhz or if its at standard 2000.

in 3dmark2001 the game will freeze in the nature and dragorithic tests for 5 or so seconds a couple of times each test. The results are 8000 @ 2000 and 7200@2200. I believe the lower score at higher cpu is a result of more and longer lockups.

I had the same probs before I upgraded the cpu, so im guessing its not that

Does anyone know if the lockups would be from the cpu, the gpu, the memory or the mobo fsb. Is it an overheating problem. any help would be appreciated.

MarkH + =
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