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I wouldn't suggest bugging EPoX Tech since that's generally counter-productive!!!!!!

I see your point, but then again, you were so nice to give the people here a beta BIOS. If they are using a beta anyway, then what is wrong with them at least using the latest beta?

What I will state is that Cool n Quiet technology seems to work best on Clawhammers and Clawhammers with half the cache disabled (pseudo Geordies) and doesn't yet ingest as well on pure Geordie processors.
You say "yet", which seems to imply hope for the future. What I would like to know: Is this a problem that can be corrected through a revamped BIOS (whenever it will be completed), or is it something that only new revisions of the mainboard or CPU can fix, so that there is no hope for those like NeWJoe1 and me who already bought the hardware?
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