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i have to say im not quite sure if C&Q isnt the cause of most of the instability ive had on this board eventhough its disabled in the BIOS. ive had quite a few random BSODs and although ive not seen the vcore inside windows, 1.73v in the BIOS was enough to let me post/boot/and run 1mb SuperPi comfortably at 2500+ on another NF3-250 board.

here 1.73 is just about enough to be 100% stable at 2425 when 1.65-9v did the job on that other board at 2430.

for some reason there also seems to be more EMF/power consumption from this board as well despite the removal of a HD. my tv reception to Channel 5 immediately starts flickering soon as the CPU goes under load whereas it didnt on the other board...
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