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Originally Posted by EPoX Tech
do we want to have a cool and un-noxious system or a lady killing giga hertz beast??
I want a giga hertz beast that will become un-noxious when the screensaver kicks in

Seriously though. I just tried out 8rdavcore the other day. I love the idea of decreasing FSB while I'm not using the computer.

Would you think that an open standard for software control of the CPU voltage, multiplier, FSB, etc would have worked out better? Whether through actual CPU instructions, or through accessing the BIOS?

Then, whether I'm using Windows or Linux, the existing community of software developers who love to make free widgets, would write me the programs I need. Like 8rdavcore.

Of course, the A64 is still an Opteron, and I hear that random 3rd part "widgets" don't go very far in the server market...

I do have faith that the motherboard manufacturers will come up with a working solution, and I'll eventually buy it. That's how the free market works No matter what kind of specifications come from the component manufacturers, the company (ie Epox) selling to end users will either successfully sell a good product, or not sell a bad product.
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