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Taking the leap, or...making a stumblem...

I'm going to be receiving 9.2 SUSE on DVD. The problem is I don't actually have a DVD on my computer. So I've decided to get one. I really can't afford to make a mistake in my purchase.

I don't know a thing about them! I want Re-Write capabilities if that's at all affordable. It's has to be affordable!!

It will be going my 8RDA+ Barton-M 2500 Box. I'll be using Retail Roxio 6.2 software which I already own.... Or maybe I won't in Linux! God this is scary! LOL

I really can't afford to buy anything else at ALL in order to make it work. I only want it at this point as a web browser and e-mail box, and As a folder.

I'm on a omni Cube switch box and a Netgear router, with a Comcast cable connect through the router.

Have I got a prayer in hell of pulling this off? LOL

Or should I wait until I can spend to find gear Linux likes?

Hey! Noboby likes to fail! ":O}
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