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i personally at the moment would go with the 6800...but i play lots of OGL games.
radeons still excel with antistropic filtering and antialiasing @ high resolutions.
nvidia minimum psu rated power for the 6800 is 450w...and you need 2 molex connectors, or on some card there is one molex, one floppy.
in sept gigabyte will launch their 6800U, with a smaller heatsink than stock, with a heatpipe, and lower temps to go with it. As well, they are going for a single 12v molex connector, but i haven't confirmed that yet.
really aren't gonna need such a powerful card unless you want bragging least for another year or so. And by then, pci-x will be the standard, and you'll wanna upgrade again.
I had my greasy palms on a 6800U in the box...and put it back down. I'll wait for AMD64 939 with pci-x before doing any more purchases.
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