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Post Compaq Alphaserver DS10

I managed to get my grubbly mitts on an old Compaq Alphaserver DS10, it has a 64bit 466mhz processor, and two gig of ram from what i can see. It also has a Wide Ultra3 SCSI 10krpm 9.1gb harddrive and a Wide Ultra2 SCSI 7.2krpm 9.1gb harddrive. i mangaed to save it from the trash can. I was wondering is it worth anything? and would it fold well? basically is it worth the space on my desk! also i cant seem to find any output for a monitor but i does have 64bit pci slot and one 32bit pci slot on a card coming out of brown slow on the mobo! can anyone shed any light on this strange peice of kit!
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