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If for some reason you are adamant that you must purchase an ATi AIW card then I would put it to you that the 8500AIW DV (I have one) has all the features present in the more recent AIW card versions (except perhaps for an FM tuner) bar the improved 3D gfx performance (meant for games).

If you are not a gamer then I would argue its safe to say the difference in GPU ability is a non-issue.
Moving up the scale of ATi model numbers should secure improvement in 3D processing performance above anything else.
The more powerful ATi cards require more power to drive their ever hungrier GPU & RAM chips.
If you are only interested in 2D & video performance then perhaps you would get more features for your money by sticking to your current GFX card & buying a dedicated TV / Radio digitising card intended for this purpose.
The cards you mention are aimed primarily at the 3D & gaming markets.

The 9800PRO AIW & X800 introduce no features of interest for those seeking to build a featured 'living home theater rig.'
It would be to your benefit to spend a large amount of the budget on a good surround card & speaker solution as well as the Video digitizer & radio card.
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