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ok, I must need to seriously tweak this machine.
I just tested my machine with the 3dmark03 test and got these results.

ok, now the pc specs.

dual Xeon 3.06G processors
Swiftech 603 heatsinks
ATI 9800pro 128MB vidcard
Audigy2 zs soundcard
Intel SE7505VB2 motherboard (7505 chipset)
hard drives arent the greatest, but they are as follows
20G WD 7200rpm (boot drive)
20G Maxtor 7200rpm (slave)
100G WD 7200rpm (storage)
200G WD 7200rpm (storage)
Antec case w/430watt power supply

Why am I getting results this bad?
Anyone know what may be done to increase the performance of this machine?
I have my drivers updated. I was not running any other programs when I ran the test.

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