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Originally Posted by SteveI
Just downloaded SP2 for winxp. Sustained download of 2megbytes per second. I think the speed test for dslreports are limited by servers at around 9,000-10,000 kbps. Based on what I ACTUALLY got from the microsoft servers, I should be scoring in the 16,000 kbs range.
That's why there's more than one server for doing speed tests on. The problem with speed tests is that you're reliant on the weakest link between you and the server. Normally, the link between you and your ISP is the weakest, but in your case that's obviously not the case. Instead, some upstream link is weaker, so you don't see what your line is actually capable of.

Try some other speed testers and see how they do, but I think your line is pushing what the testers are capable of.
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