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Partly solved my problem using Bootvis. Creative joystick driver was failing due to lack of resources???
As I don't use that I disabled it and reduced the time to 29 secs for both cold and soft reboot.
Bootvis shows
However it shows drive write caching is disabled although according to the device properties it is enabled.
However the time still still seems high and it seems to spend a lot of the time with disc read at relatively low IO levels.
From Bootvis
Time to boot complete 34 sec cold boot, 25 sec warm boot.
Most of the time seems to involve driver (15.5 sec warm 24.5 sec cold) and prefetching (16.3 sec warm 25.5 cold) occurring simultaneously
EP-8KDA3J, 3000+ newcastle CG (230x10), 2 x 512 MB Ballistix, Audigy 2, Radeon 9800pro, CNPS7000A-AlCu cpu cooler, Tagan 480W PSU

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