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New 8RDA+ rev 2.2 and "siren tone" issue, going nutz!

Ever since I switched from my 8RDA+ rev 1.1 to revision 2.2 i noticed two issues. One is good but one is really bad.

1. The bad: The worst is, almost every time after changing settings in bios and saving & exiting, after reboot it goes into "siren tone state" with C1 showing on onboard LED display. Hard reset doesnt help, so I have to turn off the PC by holding power button. After I switch it back on, bios reports "CPU changed or unworkable", so I have to go into bios and just save and reboot. Than its fine till the next time it happens.
It is also possible to go into "siren tone state" sometimes even during ordinary reboot.
I dont think it's overheating like its been stated on this forum before. My CPU temps are fine, northbridge has a Zalman NB47J on with artic silver and southbridge has that "golden" default passive cooler. This issue hapens when I'm not overclocking so I don't think its heat.
Maybe its memory timeings? I have 2 X 512 Geil Value 400Mhz with blue heatsinks. Not the terrible ram I hear. I can run it 6-2-2-2.0 @ 333 and it flies. No errors acording to MemTest+. I also tried all kinds of mem timings (slow ones) and still siren tone.

That maybe leaves me with PSU. Its the older Enermax 300W. It may be a bit streched with all the components I have, especially with Radeon 9700Pro..voltages look fine. So would this result in siren tone?

Its actually two tones. It starts with just 2 beeps than the siren joins on top of that. Very frustrating! Never happend with my RDA8+ rev 1.1 before and I didnt change any components, so it cant be voltage or heat?! Maybe the new revision is more sensitive. New revision is also showing higher CPU temps. Even reseted CPU twice to make sure. The change from the old revision is almost 10C. WTF?

2. The good: Heh, I guess I got lucky with my Barton 2500+ that I got from Newegg while I was in US. With this 8RDA+ rev 2.2 I can change the multiplier. So it goes from 11x166 to 12.5x166 with no prob, rock stable no voltage changes. Its AQXEA with little T in the corner.

help me with some ideas...plz
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