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HTT Speed?

Hey all,

I have an AMD64 system based on a 3000+, with an EPoX 8KDA3J and two sticks of Kingmax PC3500. For a $90 board, I'm very impressed with the 8KDA3J. The only thing that gets me is it doesnt seem to have 1000Mhz support, only 800MHz. I tried overclocking different ways for a while and that seems to be the issue: every time I go above 800MHz, the system becomes instable. Right now I'm happily running at 2.25GHz (225x10) @ 1.6vCore (can overvolt to 1.64 though) and 225MHz RAM w/ 2.5-3-3-10 timings @ 2.7vDIMM. I can go higher on this vcore, but I'd have to loosen the RAM timings and its very stable as it is. However, I'm running my LTD mulitplier at 3 to keep it under 800MHz. Right now its running at 675MHz, well below the stock 800MHz. My question is, how much a performance hit do you get form lowering the HTT speed? I tested in 3DMark and scored 21664, 45points higher than my system running at 220x10FSB with an 880MHz HTT. Is that about right? Thanks!
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