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bsd is definately more secure but thats something you can move onto when you have some experience with linux
Are you only conecting the one system to it?
Also that system is quite powerful for those needs, I'm currently setting up my home to share with 2-4 systems and I'm only using a 400mhz celeron with 128mb of ram
even with print/mail/file server tasks that will still be overkill really
a refurbished pc may be a much better option, my celeron only cost me £18 and my switch 50p so I have a 7 port firewall router for less than the cost of an actual 4 port boradband router and much more flexability
if you want a new system then I recomend something like Áedán has done with a mini-itx board, it will use much less power be silent and save you quite a bit
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