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Re: Seeking Video Card knowledge

Originally posted by nugget16
whats the reason when you leave Return to Castle Wolf (or any graphic intense game) and go back to Windows xp, that the screen goes black, then you receive your icons, then its adds some color to the screen , then your background comes in, all with your HD screaming in the background. Some games pop you right into you normal desktop display at one time. Is it lack of system memory, video memory or ? Just trying to gain some knowledge. can never get too much...
The biggest hint in this is "your HD screaming in the background". This means that most of your normal Windows stuff is sitting out on your swap file. When you drop back to the desktop, the kernel has to page all that stuff back into memory again for it to be able to finish redrawing your desktop, and for you to continue doing your normal activities. It generally indicates that you've not quite got enough system memory.

If you want to find out, start whatever XP's version of performance manager is, and leave it monitoring RAM usage and swap file usage.

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