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Originally posted by Pinky
I think your diagnosis was correct, it's poor hardware causing the lineout to be weak. [/B]
Careful here! Lineout has never been designed to drive headphones. It's designed to drive loads like the input of a power amplifier, which present many thousands times the resistance of headphones.

Typically lineout is meant to drive a load in the area of 20,000 Ohm. Your headphones are typically around the 32 Ohm mark. If it says lineout, generally it means it. If it says headphone out, then it means that instead. A few sound cards have jumpers to select between the noisy headphone amp, and the lower level lineout. If you can power your headphones from your lineout, then be glad that your soundcard is so far out of spec!

Also, not including the power amp on the output of the soundcard generally improves it's quality, as the power amp is normally cheap enough to produce most of the white noise (hiss) from the sound card. Personally, I'm glad of this!

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