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After XP-M "wire trick" only "AUTO" multiplier works -- why?


My 8K5A2 FSB is 166MHz with PC2700 memory. Following a diagram in the forum, I used a fine wire to jumper my XP-M socket pins AJ27 to AH26 (what happened to AI ???). Before doing that, I could select up to multiplier 13 (14 & 15 folded back down).

After adding the jumper, both the bottom two (6, 6.5) and the top two (14, 15) multiplier settings cause boot failure resulting in a forced multiplier setting of "AUTO". I didn't bother with the intermediate settings since the extremes failed.

According to Sandra, the multiplier set by "Auto" is 14, which agrees with the detected CPU speed (3.23GHz). What is happening that prevents me from selecting alternative multipliers -- also, I read inthe forum that after installing the jumper, the multipliers would start at 13 -- since my multipliers result in force to "AUTO", and "AUTO" sets 14 which clearly works, that doesn't appear to be correct.

Insights anyone? -- Trevor
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