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Talking Flashed my 6800U to UE

This afternoon, I flashed my ultra to ultra extreme. I had to download NBIT to mod the BIOS to 1.5v to get it stable at 450/1200. The problem now is that the card runs around 65-70C during benchmarking/gaming. This causes instability. I can't even run it at stock ultra speeds due to the heat. I have ordered eVga's copper heatsink, which I will be lapping and sticking some AS5 on. I hope that this will bring temps down enough that I can keep it at UE speeds. I may have to water cool it.

My benchmarkscores in AM3 went from 78K to 80K. I couldn't finish 3dm03/05 due to the heat. I take back all the bad stuff I said about this card. Once I get it cooled better, it will be able to hang with my XT PE. Cool.
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