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I purchased a Visiontech GTS-VE from for $65 and am getting 4300 on 3DMARK2001 and 50+ FPS in Wolfenstein with full detail @ 1024 x 768.

Had to replace my old ATI Radion 32 DDR when it died, and was looking for a cheap solution until the GF3Ti500 and Radion 8500 came out, but ended up loving this board so much!

It overclocks to 205/ 333 easily and I've had mine to 220/390 with a little snow in 3DMARK2001 (ramsinks and a new GPU cooler took care of that)

For $70 shipped to your door by one of the best resellers around, it's a steal!
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Gainward GF3 TI200 @ 270/580

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Win XP Pro (AHHHHHH!!! Darn VIA, MS, NVIDIA issues!!)
Visiontek GF GTS-VE @ 205 and 345 (best $65 I've spent and Newegg)
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