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Originally Posted by barneygumble742
how'd you get a 64bit wep? is that only with microsoft? i don't know that much about security but i have a netgear router with wep enabled.
Pretty much all wireless routers/APs will handle either 64 bit or 128 bit WEP. Here's a handy site

Getting it all to work together though is the interesting bit - 802.11b & g are standards, but some hardware is more standard than others.

Take for example my recently dismantled wireless LAN. My landlord was using an Atmel-based Belkin card to try to connect to my Netgear router. Both my Prism-based Netgear card, my Atmel-based D-Link card and an old Realtek-based unbranded card would happily talk to the router. The Belkin card simply refused to pick up the network. It did, however, pick up the next door neighbour's Linksys router.
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