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It's usual (well, at least in Poland and Germany), that you have to return the mobo to the supplier you purchased it from. Normally, the supplier (let's call him "shop") sends your mobo then to the main distributor in your country. Actually, it depends on that distributor how long you will wait.

In my case, with my old Epox 8RDA3+ rev.2.1, I had to wait almost 5 weeks for an answer (positive, fortunately) - they should have sent me then a new one, but they didn't, so after a 7 week long waiting the shop bought me an Epox motherboard. That was possible, because I personally know the owners/menagers of that shop. In the other case I would have waited even longer. Of course the polish damn distributor is to blame, but what could I do? Sue'em? Waisting of precious time and money ....

I hope you'll wait much shorter than I did.

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