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Originally Posted by GrahamGarside
gotta work out how to do it first, from what I've read I use nvflash to dump the bios, then nibitorv to change the default voltage settings then reflash with nvflash, but I'm not sure which version of nvflash is best to use, I've seen differant recomendations, plus I'm not 100% on what flags to use with it when flashing, don't suppose anyone here has done any 6800 flashing/volt modding?
I use nvflash442 while still in Windows!
You can use it from Windows cmd or create a shortcut to nvflash442.exe and put the parameters in it.
Get it here:

I made a file flash.bat containing:
nvflash442.exe -f %1 -p -u -2
@ echo .
@ pause

Then create a shortcut called Flashme with the following:
flash.bat BIOS.rom
Change BIOS.rom to whatever the ROM is. It must be a 8.3 file name.

Double click the shortcut to flash your card. When its finished it pauses so you can see the result. The window closes when you press a key.

I've done over 10 flashes so far in Windows and it seems trustworthy.
As it uses 100% CPU, close all programs and make sure your system has finished booting (I've seen long pauses in the boot process on some machines, even after the desktop appears).

I understand if you prefer DOS


To backup your current rom to saved.rom, use the following
nvflash442.exe -b saved.rom
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