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oh it's ten times better than the 9800SE (well 3 maybe) got it from
but I do miss the ati's video capabilities, divX uses around 30% cpu time now compared with about 10% before and doesn't look as good. Playing Farcry on very high at 1280x1024 compared with playing it around medium with some high settings at 800x600 makes it all worth it though and unreal tournament looks...unreal

And it's funny you should mention that Chernobyl because that's exactly what I have on it It does kep it cool, running off the cards fan line it idles at 44-45C and on full load it reaches 55C
running off 5V it idles at 48C and full load reaches 58-60C and it can't be heard over the psu fan, though it's not quite silent, bringing it down to 3-4V should do it
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