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USB Cameras and dropped frames

I'm working on some code to get video from a USB camera and encode it for streaming. The code itself is pretty straight-forward, but for some reason I'm only able to get about 4 frames per second from this camera. I'm beginning to suspect that it is because the USB bus is running USB 1.0 data rates, and not USB 2.0.

I had the camera plugged into one of the USB ports on the back panel of my NF7 mobo and a USB printer plugged into the other port. In my devices control panel, I saw both the camera and the USB printer on the same USB root hub. The printer is USB 1.0, so, thinking that I might be forcing the root hub to run 1.0 for everything, I switched the camera to one of the mobo header plugs. This put the camera on a different root hub, with no other devices. I still have the same problem.

Do any of you out there know anything about this? Is there a problem with the NF7 (or nForce2) USB implementation that prevents it from being able to handle USB 2.0 data rates? This same camera on a friend of mine's computer is capable of about 20 fps or so, so I know the problem isn't the camera.
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