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epox 8rda3+ post code 25

I just moved into a new apartment and haven't been able to get my computer booted up. It does the 2-tone siren and sits at 25. In the manual, it says that its reserved.

I did a bit of searching on here and google and people seem to say varying things. I didn't do anything to it, other than moving from my house to the apartment.

I also hadn't done much troubleshooting since I'm lost as to whats even causing this. I'm gonna head back to the apartment and try and reseat the cards.

Clearing the CMOS doesn't do anything at all either.

I had to walk to the school computer lab, so I'll check back in an hour or two.


amd 2400+ running at 166mhz
1gig pc3200
ati radeon 9800
epox 8rda3+
soundblaster audigy
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