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Originally posted by Pinky
Then you heard wrong!

The setups I've heard (and not the ones in best buy mind you) were great!
I've not been so impressed with Bose. I had the opportunity to hear a couple of demo systems at a Bose store whilst over in the US. Sure, they can manage their all round "surround", but that appears to be pretty much the limit. The demo material they were using had either a normal stereo sound stage, or an incredibly wide surround sound stage. The systems didn't appear to be capable of anything inbetween.

The audio quality itself was pretty reasonable - certainly better than a number of systems I've heard. Whether it's worth the price is another question entirely.

On the other hand, there is no best system for everyone. The best system is the one that sound best for you. People get almost religious over what the best sound system is, failing to see that it all depends on your ears!

Useless Info: When you do a mix in a recording studio, having a pair of cheap'n'nasty car speakers or something similar is helpful. That way you can hear how your mix sounds on a typical set of speakers. If it still sounds good, then it's a good mix.

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