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radeon VE and 3dmark 2001

radeon VE wont bench 3dmark 2001, jumps back to desktop during 1st or second bench. runs in demo mode just fine. was hopin someone knew the poop before I decided whether to persue it or not, (it's a machine for my mom, so its not like its gonna matter, I just hate it when everything isnt 100% )


err, oh ya! the spec's

duron 1000
radeon VE
256mb nanya DDR 2100
casedge mid w/ 300w A1 brand PSU (on AMD list)
barracuda4 40gig 7200r
BTC 16x cdrw
PCtel modem
Tt volcano 6cu+ (with pot)

win XP pro
new drivers off ATI site
new sis sound/lan drivers
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