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Bitternes meaning 'glug glug'. Have you been drinking? I like the idea of a linux mod, i was originally thinking of using XP but making my case mod a linux stylee mod. Then i thought 'nah, bugger it, i'll go red'.

Just keep in mind when stenciling, if you are doing it in pencil then don't press down too hard as it can sometimes bring the paint off it it hasn't been sprayed right. If you plan to shade or want the 'blurry' effect you get from looking at some UV neon lights, then get a piece of cotton wool and drag it down the line in a wobbly line. Then do it another 2 times in the same way and you'll got a nice blurred effect. Don't venture too far from the original line otherwise it won't look that good. As i'm doing GCSE Design Graphics at school, maybe i could draw up a few ideas for you and send them to you. Everything fits in place: I like the cool side of computers, i like graphics, i can spot a good case mod (like a lot of people).

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