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Unhappy Audio capture on MSI FX 5900XT

Hi all,

I've got an old Sony analogue 8mm video camera with a video out and an audio out that I'm trying to get my old video off so I can save it/edit it. The camera has a video OUT port (yellow) and an Audio OUT port (black - only one port for both left and right Audio)

In order to do this, I've just purchased an MSI FX 5900XT graphics card and it says it has "Video-IN" capabilities - it has an external adapter attachment that takes S-Video IN or Composite Video IN

I can successfully get the video to work from my camera to my harddrive but there is no Audio IN port on the 5900XT external adapter attachment which seems to mean that although I can get the video in, I can't bring across the associated sound.

Lastly, I own a SoundBlaster 5.1 Live! sound card and was hoping to bring the audio accross via the sound card, but the line-in connector is vastly different from the Audio jack (black) on the cable.

Does anyone have any ideas at all on how best I can get the audio across with the video as it's driving me nuts!! (if there's a special cable I should buy, that's also fine - I just want to get this one sorted)

Thanks very much
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