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mmm, i see what you mean, but i consider unix in general (rather than just talking about linux) to be quite prominent in the global OS market. When people talk about unix as an OS, they make the mistake of imagining the linux box running X as a workstation / windows replacement. The fact is unix doesnt fit into that category as much as it is a category in its own right.

Simply look at the world's HTTP servers. despite their best efforts, microsoft have not been able to dent the world leader, Apache. have a look here:

ill include the market share graph at the bottom of this post.

consider FTP servers as well. No self respecting system administrator would use windows 2003 server. At least not it he wants to go home at night. Linux is a large part of the unix spectrum but it is by no means the extent of it. Solaris, BSD, Novell are all server OSes that not only wipe the floor with microsoft products in terms of stability and security, but also are so cost effective it makes it hard to justify buying microsoft products.

Web servers in general are stable and secure, and in normal operation are not fiddled with. They just sit and do their thing. My Mandrake Apache box has never crashed in several months. It just goes and goes. As does almost every other server on the internet. And most of those servers are running unix of some form, in many cases not linux.

MAC OSX is also a unix operating system that is definately distributed on mass throughout the world. I am not a apple person, but i do respect OSX for what it is, and i can safely say i have never been able to crash or kill it.

Oh and btw, though similar in many ways, BSD is not linux. BSD and linux were developed seperately, and though BSD seamlessly emulates linux when needed, linux does not emulate BSD very well at all. Linux was made by Linus Tourvalds (crazy looking russian bastard) while BSD was developed by the university of california Berkley, hence BSD (Berkley Software Distribution).
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