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Aargh. The Radeon 7500 was looking good, and now this. An animated .gif simply shouldn't give any Vidcard the hiccups.

Is the answer a 32 Mb Maxi-Xentor TNT 2? Bruddah, those were very expensive, even nine months after the first GeForce 256 hit the shelves.

Where is the near-perfect Vidcard? At this point in time, my humble Voodoo 3/2K and Elsa GF 256 are looking very good. Neither of them stumble over anything. But I kinda don't think that 0.5 or 1 fps in Max Payne is playable!

Why the hell is Max Payne so rough on Vidcards? Can the load it puts on a Vidcard really be seen as an "advancement?"
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