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Originally Posted by Rondog
Build your next computer yourself. I have the Compaq 7480. Its the biggest piece crap infested computer on earth.

Well I have built myself a computer, and this Compaq AKA Mitac 5114vu is just an extra PC. I am fairly happy with it and it does pretty well considering it is dated by today's standards. I thought I would just try to get rid of the silly Compaq branded BIOS setup. FYI here is my little compaq's stats!!!

500 Mhz AMD K6-2
256 MB RAM
Windows XP Home SP2
Western Digital 20GB WD200BB (Primary 1)
Ricoh 8x8x32 MP7083A CDR/RW (Secondary 1)
Artec 16x-DVD DHM-G48R (Secondary 2)
IBM C50 2235-00N Color Monitor
Standard 8 MB integrated video
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