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Originally Posted by Just_tweak_it
I just wanted to let you guys know that I finally took the leap of faith and flashed my BIOS with the Uniflash utility and it worked like a dream!!! I was very pleased. Needless to say, I finally got rid of the silly compaq BIOS!
Upon flashing the BIOS however, I got some little errors when the machine boots up and powers on.
1. It tells me that the suggested cas latency is "2"
2. It tells me that the memory test failed.
3. It tells me that I don't have an 80 pin conductor cable installed for the primary IDE channel.

I reformatted the hard drive thinking that would help, but it didn't. :-( I hate reformatting, because it seems like it's all I ever get done. Soon my hard drive will learn to hate me because of it!!! LOL It seems like I reformat every other day with this machine. sheeesh....

What should I do about the memory? Any suggestions???

I'm really puzzled on the "80 pin conductor" primary IDE cable. I am almost certain that I already have this.
1. Change the memory's latency to 2 in BIOS. They may be ****ty computer but compaq dont skimp on there RAM quality.
2. 168pin Memory Test Fail - was that the error (ignore that, my compaq's been doing it for years)
3. 80pin connector my Athlon64 does this, but I dont care, I ignored it and everything stll works A-OK.

Can you please email me this BIOS you used, I would like to have a tinker with it, see if I can overclock a little.
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