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Originally Posted by y2butonz
Cant seem to get my GPU Core past stock (520) and mem past stock (540) I dont geddit...When i do the find max core it gets to about 560 then my computer freezes beeps then blue screens after 10-20secs of more freezing.
I would say you have found the cards, limit for whatever reason. With temps that high, I wouldnt add more voltage to stabilise the clock without water cooling. I dont think anyone would.

Originally Posted by y2buttonz
What the hell is going on? and when i do max mem it gets to about 550 then i see artifacts.

Its a Sapphire X850XT people have done better on this card.

The card also runs close to 80c on stock

Perhaps a dodgey card?
Doubtful. If you are comfortable. Pull the heat sink off you graphics card, and apply a fresh layer of Arctic Silver 5. And put on a better cooler, or the stock one again if a better cooler isnt possible. Should lower temps. Ask cadaveca about X850XT temps, he would know more than myself.

Originally Posted by y2butonz
Plus does any1 have an idea how far i shud go with my CPU? Ive got a ThermalTake "Beetle" runs at about 34c idle and 40c under load. This is with a fan cooled system bear in mind.

Thanks for tips so far.
Push it until it idles at about 38°C.
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