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Trancebear...I'll try to give you some general details..let me know what other questions you have.

The basics..You need at least two pieces of hardware..An Access point and a Client Adapter. The links are for linksys products. Client adapters come in PCI and PCCard types. The basic wireless standard currently is 11Meg shared (54meg shared is over the horizon). can think of it like a radar screen.

The closer you are to the center of the circle (access point), the higher bandwidth you are able to breaks out like this:

50M (164 ft.) @ 11 Mbps
80M (262 ft.) @ 5.5 Mbps
120M (393 ft.) @ 2 Mbps
150M (492 ft.) @ 1 Mpbs

All PC's with adapter's are sharring the available bandwidth across the spectrum. If your into reading...this Cisco Wireless Product Overview has a lot of good info. It's slightly sales oriented but has good information.

Things to look out for:

-Microwave ovens (the frequency for wireless is right near microwaves so they screw up wireless)
-Metal frames or walls
-Cost $$$
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