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I am so sorry, I missed all of this great stuff!
Kaitain, your points are extremely useful. I have bookmarked the GanttChart project page, I already have done a Gantt chart but this looks interesting.
As for cost, well, I get £120 a month EMA so that will be useful.
Because of the Summer Holidays, I have done little. However a visit to Ikea today not only fixed up some furniture for my bedroom but gave me some ideas and was useful for looking at current trends and manufacturing techniques.
Hopefully in September design work will start Pronto! and I will get down to business. I like the idea of looking in a pub, will have a look tomorrow evening.

Cables. Hmm. If people were to position the coffee table to the right of the TV and not too far in front of it, a power cable might only need to go across a small 1 metre gap, then follow the contours of the wall.
Most houses have living rooms where any sort of coffee table would sit reasonably close to the fireplace and mantlepeice. Allthough a power cable is not ideal, a cable could be cut up, turned into a flat cable and then people could possibly tuck it under rugs etc.
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