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I understand your point of view, but I've marked that much depends on your internet provider. In Poland I'm pretty safe without any antyvirus software and the only things detected by Spybot or Ad-aware are some tracking cookies. The provider has some real good firewalls and other software, so I don't have to bother.
In Germany however, in this university's web, there's whole lot of ... unpleasant stuff just waiting to attack your system. Here I'm surrounded by whole lot of freeware protection programs and without them my system would die in a couple of weeks.
And yes, the best idea for all those computers' illiterate people is something like Avast Antivir running in background.

Good idea! IE, even with the latest patches and security upgrades is still more vulnarable than Firefox or Mozilla (I use the latest one, 1.7.8).

Btw. Cool Web Search is still around - CWS shredder is still recommended, so I think.
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