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did you get the error report message? this also happened to my dad who has a limited user account. Also, it is only designed for windows, and optimized for XP. I'm working on that in the next version although i can't guarantee any results.

Ok, by using a tutorial i downloaded a few minutes ago, i've used a short 'enter a number' sample script which i'm modifying to try and make a simple MS-DOS program. Nothing much, just to at least start to get a feel for the language, it's the same way i learned HTML and batch and look how well i've done with those (i don't use batch much but it does have it's advantages for the 'fun' side of things, plus it's simple to learn). I'll post the C program when i've made a bit of progress with the learning. It is only my first attempt at C so it isn't going to be great.
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